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 Getting events off the ground...

My passion for outdoor sports started in my teens with triathlon and road cycling, however swapping speedo's for kayaking was something completely new. 2004 saw my first attempt at The Coast to Coast Longest Day and a connection to the West Coast.

After a couple more years of racing and catching the "Coast to Coast bug" I moved to Kumara, West Coast, in 2008 to train and pursue the dream of  Coast to Coast glory.  One of the many advantages of living on the Coast is the choice of training environments and wild river rides. Rivers come in all shapes and sizes for both recreation and training.

There are a number of good local West Coast events throughout the year offering multi-sporters a variety of distances and degrees of difficulty, from road cycling in The Coast Road Cycle Challenge to short course multi-sport races. The latest addition to the multi-sport line up is the Mountain Man & Goat Race events in January, two great events, one awesome destination on one day. The race course design came from what many locals would call the "training track" especially those gearing up for Coast to Coast. 

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